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Pin Strips for testing equipment
Spare parts for stenter frames

Pins for stenter bars

Default material
For the standard version we are using corrosion- and acid-resistant stainless steel V3M extra. To avoid bending of the pins they are standard hardened up to 60 - 62 HRC.
For special applications such as heat setting as well as the use of strong acids and bases we recommend V2Aand V4A material.
All our needles are also available in the cheap electric furnace steel execution with a high carbon conent which, however, increases the risk of a quicker corrosion.
For the standard version we use gill pins for pin strips, because they have a perfect relation of grinding length to the cylindrical part of the needle. The shape
of these needles was optimized to facilitate that theygently glide into the fabric without damaging the individual fibre.
We, of course, also manufacture according to customers` requirements.

Stenter bars for stenter frames

For the fixation and guidance of fabrics in textile finishing we offer complete stenter bars for all types of stenter frames as well as loose pins for individual pinning or repining of damaged plates.
Our stenter bars are made of brass and are available in blank, nickel- or chrome-plated execution. We manufacture the pins from highly wear resistant, temperable carbon steel or from rustproof material in different grades, e.g. V3M extra, V2A or V4A. This differentiation ensures the optimal pin quality for all purposes.
Our many years of experience in the production of pins and pinnned systems as well as the multiplicity of special products gives the security of a continuous high-quality standard with a very long life span and perfect function.

Pinned wheel for cutting device

Often an edge trimming device is used as an auxiliary device for tenters. We deliver pins and pin wheels which are necessary for this purpose in many different specifications.