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Pin Strips for testing equipment
Spare parts for stenter frames

Fibrillating Roller System


Sketch of a fibrillating roller

  Our fibrillating roller system consists of a basic body and needle strips.
  The needle strips are clamped into the basic body by means of clamping
  screws (see detail "X"). This system has two main advantages compared
  to the traditional system in which the needles are pressed into brass bars
  and clamped in the basic body by a special profile.

  First, the S+U clamped needle strip can easily be changed by opening
  the clamping screws and second, this system is more economic
  regarding damages or wearout than the traditional system.
  For a quotation we need the following information, which is shown in the
• dimensions A to L
• pinning density of the needle strips (e.g. 18 pins/cm)
• number of needle strips on the basic body (dimension D)
  In addition to the pin strips we also manufacture the basic bodies so that
  traditionally pinned fibrillating machines can easily be equipped with our
  system without any problem.